Frédéric Picard & Co, offers services allowing owners, or institutional investors to give a new impetus to their establishments. Frédéric Picard & Co also conducts audits to establish a global analysis (price, positioning, profitability), and proposes solutions that optimize the performance of the company.

Frédéric Picard & Co also intervenes in the design and implementation of projects (hotels, residences, seniors, restaurants) and accompanies them to secure the investment.



In his professional career in the last 20 years, Frederic Picard has workers in 6 different countries (Russia, USA, Thailand, UAE, Morocco). He also led the opening and pre-opening of 4 institutions (40 to 500 rooms), conducted a major integration in a hotel of 400 rooms in Paris, in the portfolio of an international hotel group. In addition, he has managed and supervised projects involving the investments of several million dollars. This in how he became an expert in hospitality.

Management de transition 

The management of transition or the interim management is to entrust the preliminary manner the direction of an establishment or department to an external leader, usually to initiate and accompany a phase of change and  or remodel of the economic model. This type of management allows you to  optimise the performance of companies in order to find an economic stability perennial. Entrust us by your direction in interim.

Manage, guide, supervise your projects 

Who we are

Frédéric Picard & Co is committed to developing, practicing, and integrating leading management initiatives into your daily operations. Our representatives will listen to your needs and provide you with a detailed strategy for getting your hotel on track at a price you can afford.

We're committed to deliver a superior guest experience exceeding our customers' expectations and achieving maximum return on investment to our owners and investors.

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